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Rose Education Foundation Schools
Each of the Foundation’s three schools is quite different. All are called Colegio Mesoamericano. The student population varies considerably in terms of socio-economic status and ethnicity, and the schools are located in very different kinds of cities and towns. Regardless of location, all schools receive substantial subsidies from the Rose Education Foundation/Fundación Rose, and all students receive some level of financial support in the form of scholarships. Guided by some of the best experts in the area of Second Language Acquisition such as Robert Blair, Ray Graham, and Barbara Culatta, our children are quickly becoming bilingual in English which will open up a whole world of opportunity for them in the future.  We are assisted in this effort by college students from the U.S. who serve voluntarily as EFL teachers for periods ranging from six weeks to ten months.


patziciaAs our first school, Colegio Mesoamericano Patzicia lies at the heart of the Foundation.  The school in Patzicía is located in a small town in the Highlands about 30 minutes west of Chimaltenango. Patzicía has students ranging in age from 4 to 16 years old. They are a mixture of students from different socio-economic backgrounds, but the majority of students are of Mayan descent from the Katkchiquel group.

In order to help the students prepare for a future in which they can participate as contributing citizens, Colegio Mesoamericano Patzicia gives them a safe place to learn, and play. Many of our students go on to attend a university, become teachers, architects, accountants, computer specialists, and engineers. This would be impossible without education in language, math, science, English and computers. At all of our schools, we use capable professionals to transfer these life skills to the children.  In addition to education in the classroom, we teach students to understand their bodies and incorporate good habits to stay healthy.  Sports and exercise is one of them.  A multi-sports court was recently completed at Patzicia and is already one of the favorite places in the school for children.  In addition to offering a sports program, the Patzicia school provides a daily glass of Incaparina, a nutritious drink developed by Unesco containing a good mix of  important vitamins, minerals, proteins and calories.Thanks to our donors, ourr children no longer come to school with empty stomachs.  Learning is virtually impossible under those conditions. 


chimaltenangoThe school in Chimaltenango is an urban school with a good mixture of rich, middle-class, and poor students of both Latino and Mayan descent. It has a large campus with good facilities and is recognized as one of the best private schools in Chimaltenango. Parents are very involved in their children's education. Most students recognize that learning English is important, but like most children and young adults, they take any chance they can get to convince the teacher that playing fútbol (soccer) is a great way to learn English.

In 2005 when music teacher Mr. Ruiz saw the talent and potential of many of the students, we started a school orchestra.  There were many challenges.  Instruments were scarce and the schedule could not be changed due to the academic demands on student time.  These challenges were met with excitement and dedication from the students who agreed to practice during recess.  The school orchestra includes students from second to twelfth grade.  Through the generosity of parents and help from the school, instruments were purchased.

To date, the school orchestra has been rated as the best in Chimaltenango and has won several awards and performed many concerts.  One of our stars at the orchestra is Osmar Alonzo, a Mayan boy on a full scholarship.  As the students would say, “He plays a wicked piano.”

After seeing the success and popularity of the school orchestra, Colegio Mesoamericano Chimaltenango created a school choir in 2007.  The choir is considered by the students and community to be quite a novelty. 

In addition to the musical talent at Chimaltenango Kublai Khan , our students are excelling in athletics.  The basketball team has won competitions at the state level in 2009 and placed third nationally.


momostenangoMomostenango is a small village about 3.5 hours from Chimaltenango. It is located in a relatively remote, small mountain town and has a mixed student population. It is one of the few good private schools in the area. The student marching band is highly sought after for area parades.  The school enrollment is over 600 and the school is operational morning through night to meet the educational demand.


Sister Schools
In addition to the schools in Chimaltenango, Patzicia, and Momostenango, the Rose Education Foundation supports four sister schools around Guatemala.


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