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The Rose Education Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) that promotes, supports, and establishes educational opportunities for children in disadvantaged areas of Guatemala. We strengthen individuals and families by encouraging and teaching valuable life skills, by developing honorable citizens and leaders, and by promoting educational excellence. We are committed to the delivery of education of the highest quality and the use of teachers and mentors bearing high moral and academic standards.

What's Happening at the Rose:

The Rose Foundation is currently taking Volunteer English Teaching Program applications for the 2012 school year which runs January through October.  If you are interested in living in Guatemala and volunteering for one of our schools, please read more about the opportunity here.


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Colegio Mesoamerican Chimaltenango was recently in the news!  To read the story (in Spanish).  The school was featured in the most important newspaper in the country for it's contribution to the community.  Each year, the school organizes a presentation with participation from several orchestras including the schools own orchestra. 


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Domyhomeworks.net complete with your assignment quickly and without stress. On July 23rd, the Chimaltenango school orchestra were priviliged to give a concert in Antigua in front of an audience of about 300 parents, city officials, special guests, and school personnel.  They had the participation of Martin Pikes, a classical violinist from Ireland, and Guillermo Garcia who played his own classicla composition on pieano.  The school orchestra played several classical pieces as well as some popular ones.  We also had the participation of the brand new school choir. Quality thesis writing service