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English Teacher Profile

Providing English classes taught by native and near-native English-speaking teachers brings a considerable amount of prestige to the Foundation’s schools in Guatemala. Many parents base their decision to send their children to the Foundation’s schools on the fact that we use native English-speaking teachers.

The Foundation carefully screens and selects the people who participate in its EFL program—the success and reputation of the schools depend on the quality of our English teachers. The criteria we use to select teachers for the EFL program include the following:

  • Experience teaching children, young adults, and/or adults
  • Previous experience teaching in an English as a second/foreign language environment
  • University studies in education, linguistics, English, teaching English as a second language, or other related fields
  • Previous experience living in another country
  • Professionalism (as demonstrated through references, letters of recommendation, resume, interview, etc.)
  • Willingness to integrate with another culture and cultural sensitivity
  • Desire to gain teaching experience or to improve teaching ability
  • Basic Spanish language ability is a plus (but not required)

Candidates of Particular Interest

The Foundation is particularly interested in recruiting the following kinds of individuals to work in its EFL program:

  • Mature couples or singles who have a desire to use their skills and life experience in worthwhile, humanitarian activities
  • Practicing teachers or other professionals who are interested in broadening their experience
  • Individuals who need or want university internship or student teaching credit for their teaching degrees
  • University students (minimum sophomore year; preferably junior or senior year) who want to participate in service-learning projects

Benefits of Participating in the Program

The Foundation’s English Teaching Experience provides an excellent opportunity for people with teaching backgrounds to:

  • Improve their skills in teaching English as a second or foreign language
  • Gain a better understanding of the challenges Spanish-speakers face when learning English
  • Gain a better understanding of Latin culture and how it affects second language learning
  • Gain valuable experience working in a different culture
  • Earn university and/or internship credit for the work that you do at the schools
  • Dedicate time and skills to an activity that positively affects Guatemalan society
  • The experience can bring many side benefits, including
  • Improved Spanish language ability
  • A chance to meet new people and experience a new culture
  • Opportunity to participate in 1-2 Foundation-organized trips to places of interest in Guatemala and surrounding areas
  • Heightened self-esteem and increased self-reliance