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Make a Donation

Part of a “good education” is learning that “free” does not exist.  There is always an exchange.  Almost half of our students do not pay tuition, while the rest only pay a fraction of the cost.  However we expect outstanding school performance from them and we ask the parents to make contributions in kind and in donated labor.  Our scholarship program is sustained thanks to the generous donations of many kind-hearted individuals who sponsor one or more children.  Our principal benefactor is Nedra Roney who provides scholarships for about 74% of our children.

The ability to improve the Rose Foundation schools is possible due to your generosity. The Rose Foundation does not make any deductions from donations to cover administrative costs. 100% of all donations go directly to the schools. The following are specific donation options

Student Scholarships

90% of our students need financial assistance so they can complete their studies. We offer donors the opportunity to support the educational costs of these children through the following scholarship programs

Full Scholarship

A full scholarship provides a child with tuition. A full scholarship is $500 or $50 a month for 10 months.

Half Scholarship
A half scholarship permits students with limited resources to receive an education.  Often half scholarships are combined to support a student who has no resources. A half scholarship is $250 or $25 a month for ten months.

Corporate Sponsorship
A company or organization can support a group of children or an entire classroom.  We will assist you in developing a program for corporate matching or paycheck withholdings.

For more information about Scholarship and Sponsorship programs, e-mail us at jennifer [at] dodgevans [dot] com.


Other Contributions
If you are interested in contributing yearly donations or supporting the Rose in other ways, please contact us. The Rose Education Foundation is always interested in working with individuals who have creative ideas for supporting education in Guatemala.

All donations should be mailed to our Provo address:

Rose Education Foundation

3507 N University Ave, Suite 100

Provo UT 84604


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