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Board of Directors and Staff

Ken Evans, President, has served on the Board of Directors since it was originally founded.  As a partner with Dodge Evans & Co, CPAS in Provo, Utah, he brings financial and tax expertise to the Board and Foundation. Four of Ken's children have served as volunteer teachers in our schools in Guatemala.


Nedra Roney is one of the most successful businesswomen in America. She did not inherit her money or her business. She is the founder of Nu-Skin Enterprises. The company deals with skin care products, cosmetics, technology, and health products. Nedra started her business in her home with her own formula. Nu-Skin Enterprises now operates throughout the world.

Nedra did not stop there however. She wanted to make a difference in people's lives so she founded The Rose Education Foundation. Together with the Board, Nedra directs the operations of the public foundation. Their goal is to raise funds and expand this educational opportunity to many more Central American children. Nedra actively assists The Rose Education Foundation in its effort to gain support.

Nedra didn't always have money. In fact, Nedra was the only girl in a very poor family with eight boys that had to struggle for everything they had. Their mother died of cancer when Nedra was young and she accepted the responsibility of helping raise her young brothers. She knows about poverty, family responsibilities, and certainly she knows about love and beauty.

Nedra has one biological child and seven other adopted children from around the world. She has helped place many underprivileged children from around the world in worthy homes. Nedra holds a special place in her heart for all children.

Although Nedra has found much joy in acquiring her success, she makes it a priority to use her ability and talents to help others gain success. Her company has allowed many people to become successful. She is a nationally acclaimed speaker and regularly makes presentations at seminars and workshops. She speaks to many groups of young people regarding beauty on the outside and on the inside.

All of these accomplishments have been done on her own initiative, faith, determination, hard work, and belief in herself. Nothing has come easy for Nedra; she fought her way to the top. She now spreads her good influence throughout the nation.
Being an artist herself, she is very interested in Native American art and culture. She loves working with the Native American people and is very involved in promoting their education.


Julio Salazar is the Director of Guatemala Operations. His background is in Industrial/Productivity Engineering. He has been involved directing educational programs in Guatemala since 1994 and has lived in Guatemala all his life, with the exception of during college at Brigham Young University in Utah, where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Engineering.


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