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Group Service Trip Opportunities
We need your help to fulfill our mission of providing excellent educational opportunities to as many Guatemalan children as possible--regardless of their socioeconomic status, ethnic background, or religious preference. As more children begin attending the three Rose Foundation Schools in Guatemala, we must make a concerted effort in increase the resources and facilities needed to support their educational needs. From additional classrooms to more stalls in the bathrooms, we are working hard to make room for more students. If you have ever had a desire to travel to a third world country and interact with the people firsthand, or if you are an organization that is looking for project sites, our school projects may be a very good match for your goals.

We are currently looking for partners to work with us on the following projects at our three schools

School Project Cost
Patzicia build auditorium/classrooms  $40,300
Chimaltenango build three classrooms $33,000
build library $37,000
paint basketball court $2,100
build eco-park $3,100
Momostenango    build three classrooms $33,000
build library $37,000
paint basketball court $2,100
start plantation $2,400

If you are interested in learning more about any of these projects, contact us at (801) 319-4021.


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