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About Us

Our first school began operations in 1997 through the financial support of our founding member Nedra Roney. Since that time, Ms. Roney has given the Foundation a grant that provides for all of the current administrative costs of the Foundation. This permits 100% of donor contributions to be used exclusively for educating the students. In the beginning, we had one small school in Patzicia, Guatemala. In 1997, that school served approximately 50 children. We are in a new expanded school in Patzicia and two other schools have since been organized, one in Chimaltenango and the other in Momostenango, Guatemala. The combined student enrollment at the Foundation's schools now totals approximately 1,600. In addition to these schools, we have also supported multiple sister schools with training, administrative, and volunteer support. In November 1999, we received recognition from the IRS as a 501(C)(3) public non-profit organization.

Our Mission

The mission of The Rose Education Foundation is to promote, support, and establish educational opportunities for children in disadvantaged areas of Guatemala. We will strengthen individuals and families by encouraging and teaching valuable life skills, by developing honorable citizens and leaders, and by promoting educational excellence. We are committed to the delivery of education of the highest quality and the use of teachers and mentors bearing high moral and academic standards.


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